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Gareth Higgins

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Gareth Higgins


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Gareth Higgins, a sociologist of religion, talks about the history of the Protestant and Catholic religions as they are manifested in Northern Ireland. It then gives general information about the nature and history of the Troubles, useful since he is talking to an American student audience. He then talks about a variety of ways that religions is manifested in actions of the conflict. He points out that many active in the trouble are not particularly religious even though they identities that are strongly influenced by religious categories. Higgins himself is involved in organizational efforts to create dialog across religions and to foster peace-oriented dialogs.


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Gareth Higgins

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Gareth Higgins is standing in front of a board and is in the middle of three tables that are occupied by students. He is shown from his knees up for the majority of the video. The camera does zoom in and out from time to time though. The lighting and the video quality were good. The audio was great, Gareth had a mic on him so he was easily heard. Some of the audience's questions were difficult to hear, but the audio was very good.

Gareth Higgins