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Kaitlin Donelly Integrated Education

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Kaitlin Donelly Integrated Education


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Using the analytic framework of Allport's contact hypothesis integrated education programs in Northern Ireland and Israel are Compared. Based on her research, Donelly is critical of integrated education programs in Northern Ireland.

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Kaitlin Donelly

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Everything seemed technically fine with this video. Parts where the students were talking to ask questions were hard to hear, but not entirely inaudible, just hard to make out due to a slight echo. Although this might come from the electronic connection rather than from the tape. Also, there are times when the tape freezes for a moment, then comes back with chatter for a second or two, before it settles down to more clear speech. These freeze frames are not a problem in terms of the overall presentation or coherence of the tape.

Kaitlin Donelly Integrated Education


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