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Chris Gilligan



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Gilligan has an intellectual position that is critical of the idea of identity. He thinks identities are generally fragmented. For many people sectarian identity is less important than other issues and commitments in their lives. In this lecture Chris goes over stress, PTSD, and other disorders that lead to counseling, but where he believes objective symptoms are not the reason children are given counseling. He discusses counseling itself and the issue of identity. Storytelling is also a key topic.


Identity, trauma, victim, victimhood, conflict, victim entrepreneurs, PTSD, ceasefire, Catholics, Protestants, mental health, counseling, Unionists, Derry, storytelling, healing, discrimination, sectarianism, employment, victimhood, therapeutic culture, Tajfel


Peace and Conflict Studies | Politics and Social Change | Public Policy | Regional Sociology | Sociology



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Chris Gilligan

Video characteristics

The shot is mostly a close up of a sitting Chris' chest to his head. But the camera zoomed out and would catch the projection screen occasionally, but not very often at all. And when the camera did show the projector, the presentation on the screen was very difficult to see due to the lighting. But since the video was mostly on Chris, it wasn't much of a distraction. The video quality and lighting are good. The audio from Chris is fantastic because a mic was placed on the subject. But the audio from the audience was a bit difficult to hear.

Topics covered

Identity, trauma, and victimhood

Chris Gilligan


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