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Bill Rolston Belfast Tour

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Bill Rolston Belfast Tour


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Bill Rolston starts the tour and talks about many individual conflicts within north Belfast. Many murals are shown and discussed during the bus trip as well.


Conflict Resolution, War, Fundalmentalism, NGO, Conflict Life Cycle, Conflict Equation, INCORE, Norhtern Ireland, IRA, Loyalists, inequality, political participation, conflicts, conflicts around the world, fragmentation, non-state terrorism, state terrorism, state run terrorism, Non-Government Associations, conflict resolution history





Video characteristics

The camera is very shaky throughout the video and moves wherever the student goes. For the most part, it is a MS of Bill Rolston of his chest up. The audio is fair, but there is a good amount of background noise such as the engine, nearby traffic, and the wind while the group is outside. Midway into the video everyone leaves the bus and someone adjusts the audio resulting in a painful shrill. This only lasts for a minute or so and then everything resumes as it was. The lighting was fair, but it was difficult to see at certain points in the video. The camera quality was a tad fuzzy but good as a whole.

Topics covered

conflict process, conflict resolution, good relations, community development, community relations, method approach, politicians, London rule, civil society, transformational leaders, transactional model (of leadership), Mendela model of leadership, Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, IRA, Provisional IRA, Sinn Fein, Provos, paramilitaries, Community Relations Council, NGO, fundamentalism, conflict life cycle, conflict equation

Bill Rolston Belfast Tour


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