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Bradley is a psychotherapist based in a religious NGO. His talk primarily involves general comments and observations about the events of Bloody Sunday, sectarian conflicts in general, and values statements from Bradley offered in response to student questions about the conflict in Northern Ireland. He continues to talk about the White Oak Center in Donegal, which is a residential treatment center that in this account it heavily concerned with treating alcohol abuse. The tape shifts to talk about Bradley's work treating trauma experiences related to the Troubles. He began working in the Catholic community but then was asked to work as well with Protestant congregations and then much of his work became cross-community work including people from both sides of the sectarian conflict.


Derry, Peace and Reconciliation, cross community, identity development, community development, sectarianism, Catholic Christian Organization, mad dog, paramilitary, Social Democratic Labor Party, Presbyterians, Protestants, Catholics, Protestantism, Presbyterianism, Catholicism, the Troubles, Bloody Sunday, Ireland, Northern Ireland, state organized terrorism, terrorism, Methodist, Celtic Tiger, Republic of Ireland, England, United Kingdom, Rome Rule, Home Rule, HIV, AIDS, homophobia, religion


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Alex Bradley

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The lecture is mostly a MS of a standing Alex Bradley. The camera would shoot out to close ups of the audience members asking questions, but this was rare. Overall, the camera quality was fair. The lighting is good. The audio is decent but often poor when the audience is asking questions. Also the coughing in the backround and other noises are noticeable throughout. There is about a two second difference between the audio and the picture as well. This is noticeable at the start, but becomes much less prominent throught the video.

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sectarianism, religious counseling, counseling services, spiritual prayer, trauma advisory panel, White Oaks treatment center, alcohol and drug addiction, Calms, Wave Trauma Center, Cunamh, Bloody Sunday Trust

Alex Bradley


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