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Mari Fitzduff


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Mari Fitzduff presents a structural theory of conflict. Fitzduff recounts her experiences with a large number of conflicts from around the world and these led to her stage theory. The specific details of conflicts matter less, than the way general patterns of intergroup relations and leadership function to intensify or limit conflicts. Fitzduff also was a core participant in a period during the 1970s when London rule existed and civil servants, London legislators, and Northern Irish NGOs worked together to create new programs or to eliminate destructive practices. Combatants in Northern Ireland had fewer issues to fight about and this fostered peace.


Conflict Resolution, War, Fundalmentalism, NGO, Conflict Life Cycle, Conflict Equation, INCORE, Norhtern Ireland, IRA, Loyalists, inequality, political participation, conflicts, conflicts around the world, fragmentation, non-state terrorism, state terrorism, state run terrorism, Non-Government Associations, conflict resolution history

Video characteristics

The video displays a MS of Mari Fitzduff with a screen behind her. A few times she went to her right to draw on a whiteboard when the camera would then zoom to the whiteboard. The lighting is good because both her and her presentation are seen well. The audio is decent. It is very difficult to hear people when they talk softly, but it is not a major issue. The video quality is good.

Topics covered

conflict process, conflict resolution, good relations, community development, community relations, method approach, politicians, London rule, civil society, transformational leaders, transactional model (of leadership), Mendela model of leadership, Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, IRA, Provisional IRA, Sinn Fein, Provos, paramilitaries, Community Relations Council, NGO, fundamentalism, conflict life cycle, conflict equation

Mari Fitzduff


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