Submissions from 2024


“Sounds Like” Redemption? On the Musicality of Species and the Species of Musicality, Tyler Yamin and Alice Rudge

Submissions from 2023


Immediacy, Ensemble Setup, And Classroom Space: A Quasi-experimental Study Among Secondary Instrumental Teachers and Students, Nicholas Roseth

Kinetic, Daniel Temkin

Submissions from 2022


“Even Stronger Yet!” Gender and Embodiment in Balinese Youth Arja, Bethany J. Collier


Dreamed Landscapes, Qing Jiang and Daniel Temkin

Topics in Musical Interpretation, Sezi Seskir

Submissions from 2021

Anthems I, Ryan M. Malone

Submissions from 2018


Impermanence (Lorelei Ensemble, Beth Willer, Artistic Director), Beth Willer

Submissions from 2014

Looking to the Future: Training a New Generation for Balinese Arja, Bethany J. Collier

Further Evidence for Hemisity Sorting During Career Specialization, B. E. Morton, Lois Svard, and J. Jensen

Submissions from 2013


Developing the next generation of music teachers: Sample music education association programs that promote our profession and prepare future colleagues., Kimberly H. Councill

Career Influences of Music Education Audition Candidates, Kimberly H. Councill, W. D. Brewer, D. A. Rickels, W. Fredrickson, M. Hairston, D. L. Perry, A. Porter, and M. Schmidt

Submissions from 2012

Student career perception: 6th-11th grade music students' assessment of self-efficacy, social perception, & other possible careers., Kimberly H. Councill

Submissions from 2011

Scott Joplin: Treemonisha, Rick Benjamin

Submissions from 2010

Influences on career choice in music education audition candidates: Pilot study, Kimberly H. Councill, D. A. Rickels, W. Fredrickson, M. Hairston, A. Porter, and M. Schmidt

Submissions from 2008


Is the next generation of music teachers in your classroom?, Kimberly H. Councill, M. Schmidt, M. Hairston, and A. Porter

Submissions from 2006

Pedagogical techniques and student outcomes in applied instrumental lessons taught by experienced and pre-service American music teachers., Kimberly H. Councill, J. C. Henninger, and P. J. Flowers

Submissions from 2004

A summary of the 2004 Ohio Music Education Association research forum presented by Dr. Patricia J. Flowers., Kimberly H. Councill