Date of Thesis

Summer 2023


This thesis presents a novel method for controlling multi-actuator soft robots using pneumatic latched demultiplexer circuits implemented with monolithic membrane valves. The pneumatic circuits are designed to address the problems of heavy dependence on hard electrical components and lack of feasible multi-actuator soft robotic systems that limit the potential applications of soft robotics. The proposed pneumatic demultiplexers reduce the number of solenoid valves and electrical components required to drive soft robotic systems, making soft robot control mechanisms more compliant, scalable, and versatile. The thesis demonstrates the design, fabrication, and testing of 4-bit and n-bit pneumatic demultiplexer circuits that can control 16-actuator and 2n-actuator soft robotic systems respectively. The thesis also evaluates the performance and functionality of the pneumatic circuits and discusses their potential applications in various fields of soft robotics.


Soft Robot, Microfluidics, Demultiplexer, Pneumatic, Circuit, Actuator

Access Type

Masters Thesis

Degree Type

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Keith Buffinton

Second Advisor

Richard Kozick

Third Advisor

Amal Kabalan