Date of Thesis

Summer 2023



This thesis project is an exercise in getting hands-on experience in redesigning and modifying a robotic system. It also involves understanding the current need for robotic applications in hospital settings. To achieve the above, a thorough literature review of the current state of robotics in a hospital setting was conducted. Moreover, a number of interviews with medical care professionals were completed. Three main themes were obtained from the literature review and five main themes were obtained from the interviews which will be presented in this thesis report. The next phase of the project involved redesigning a system that is composed of two main parts: a glove and a robotic arm. The glove consists of multiple flex sensors and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that sends data to an Arduino, which processes the data and sends a signal through Bluetooth transmission to the robotic arm. The robotic arm consists of servo motors that move according to the signal that is received from the glove. The results of the current performance of the system will be presented.


Sahāyatā, Medical Robotics, Nursing Shortage, Medication Delivery, Glove Control, Robotic Arm

Access Type

Masters Thesis

Degree Type

Master of Science


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Amal Kabalan

Second Advisor

Keith W. Buffinton

Third Advisor

Robert Nickel