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These stories are explorations into the depths of each character, through which I probe their limitations and capabilities. I expose them to unexpected circumstances, and let them react. The way in which they handle change uncovers new facets of their personality. My approach, thus, is very different from Flannery O¿Connor¿s, who enters her narratives with fully formed people on whom she has a firm handle. My characters are slippery in my grasp, and are capable of metamorphosis. I believe in their ability to adapt in a world that is wont to shift. It is a world that is never static, and that poses constant challenges for its residents, who exist on the fringe of mainstream society. I work to animate this condition of being ¿other,¿ and to imbue it with humanity. My intention is for the reader to come away from this book, having peered at the world through different pairs of eyes, with a slight bend in perspective.


Short fiction

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Masters Thesis (Bucknell Access Only)

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Master of Arts



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Claire Watkins