Submissions from 2023


Civil Society and Sense of Community in Ukraine: From Dormancy to Action, Eric C. Martin and Kateryna Zarembo

Submissions from 2022

Sustainable Public Management, Neil Boyd and Eric C. Martin

Submissions from 2019


Game of Loans: The Relationship Between Education Debt, Social Responsibility Concerns, and Making a Career Choice in the Public, Private, and Nonprofit Sectors, Eddy Ng and Jasmine McGinnis Johnson

Dealing with temporariness: Generational effects on temporary agency workers’ employment relationships, Filipa Sobral, Eddy Ng, Filipa Castanheira, Maria José Chambal, and Bas Koene

The development of emotional intelligence, selfefficacy, and locus of control in Master of Business Administration students, Claire Thompson, Adrian Kuah, Regina Foong, and Eddy Ng

Submissions from 2018


The Art and Science of Complex Contracting, Eric C. Martin


Fear, Tradition, and Serendipity: The Unacknowledged Drivers of Governance Strategy, Eric C. Martin and Judy Millesen


Implementing a Bottom of the Pyramid Eye Care Solution, Eric C. Martin, Paden Troxell, Patrick Long, and Charles Kim

Submissions from 2017


Testing a theory of sense of community and community responsibility in organizations: An empirical assessment of predictive capacity on employee well-being and organizational citizenship., Neil Boyd and Branda Nowell

Context and Pedagogy: A Quarter-Century of Change in an Undergraduate Introductory Management Course, Tammy Bunn Hiller, Jamie R. Hendry, Eric C. Martin, and Neil M. Boyd

Civil Society as Social Movement, Organization, Network and Government: the Rapidly Changing Relationship Between Governments, NGOs, and the Voluntary Sector in Ukraine, Eric C. Martin

The Formality of Informal Civil Society: Ukraine’s EuroMaidan, Eric C. Martin


Managing for Sustainability: Designing a Successful Undergraduate Program, Eric C. Martin


An empirical assessment of administration & planning activity and their impact on the realization of sustainability related initiatives and programs in higher education, Elizabeth Semeraro and Neil Boyd

Submissions from 2016

Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration - The 4Cs: Interorganizational Partnering in Haiti, Eric C. Martin, Isabella Nolte, and Emma Vitola

Submissions from 2015

Impulsive People Have a Compulsion for Immediate Gratification - Certain or Uncertain, Wojciech Bialaszek, Maciej Gaik, Elton G. McGoun, and Piotr Zielonka

Introducing Thriving at Work to the Field of Community Psychology, Neil Boyd

Organization Theory in Community Contexts, Neil Boyd

Terrorism as Organization, Network and Social Movement, Jordi Comas, Paul Shrivastava, and Eric C. Martin


Students Implement the Affordable Care Act: A Model for Undergraduate Teaching and Research in Community Health and Sociology, Brandn Green, Kristal Jones, Neil Boyd, Carl Milofsky, and Eric C. Martin

Submissions from 2014

A ten-year Retrospective of Organization Studies in Community Psychology: Content, Theory, and Impact, Neil Boyd


Psychological Sense of Community: A New Construct for the Field of Management, Neil Boyd and Branda Nowell


Community Foundation Strategy: Doing Good and the Moderating Effects of Fear, Tradition, and Serendipity, Judith L. Millesen and Eric C. Martin

Sense of Community Responsibility in Community Collaboratives: Advancing a Theory of Community as Resource and Responsibility, Branda Nowell and Neil Boyd

Submissions from 2011


Dual Simplex, Mihai Banciu

Submissions from 2009

A case study of applying SSM in community revitalization, Eric Martin, Faherty, Petkov, Sharon, and France

The interorganizational challenge of agricultural reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eric Martin and B. Fahey

Submissions from 2008

Where is the Lone Ranger when you need him? Book Review, Eric Martin

Submissions from 2007

Obstacles to cross-sector cooperation in post-conflict Bosnia: Perceptions from the field, Eric Martin

The co-evolution of development needs and IOR forms: development by committee in Bosnia, Eric Martin

IORs in development assistance: USAID's agricultural project in Bosnia, Eric Martin and B. Fahey

Submissions from 2004

ManagingNonprofits.Org: Dynamic Management for the Digital Age. Book Review, Eric Martin

Privatization in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Insights from and into the craft of interorganizational process analysis., Eric Martin

Submissions from 2003

NGO's and IOR's: International development efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war, Eric Martin

Submissions from 2002

Portraits of Sarajevo: reflections of dissertation fieldwork, Eric Martin