Submissions from 2019

Errol Walton Barrow and the Postwar Transformation of Barbados : the Late Colonial Period, Hilbourne A. Watson

A Critical Decade: China's Foreign Policy (2008-2018), Zhiqun Zhu

Submissions from 2018

Sovereignty, Development, and Health: Humanitarianism and Health Care Provision in the Gaza Strip, Ron J. Smith


Going Global 2.0: China’s Growing Investment in the West and Its Impact, Zhiqun Zhu

Submissions from 2016


Mutant, Creole, Hybrid, Queer: Agro-Eugenics and the Racial Violence of Capitalist Ecologies, Emma Mullaney

Submissions from 2015

'Set Alight to Her Husband’s House': Teaching as Scholarship and Activism in the Gambian Archives, Cymone Fourshey

Healthcare under Siege: Geopolitics of Medical Service Provision in the Gaza Strip, Ron J. Smith

Submissions from 2014

Aleatory Sovereignty and the Rule of Sensitive Spaces, Elizabeth Cullen Dunn and Jason Cons

Tempering the EU? NGO Advocacy in the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice, Emek M. Ucarer

Submissions from 2013

Narrating Boundaries: Framing and Contesting Suffering, Community, and Belonging in Enclaves along the India-Bangladesh Border, Jason Cons

Market Prices and Food Aid Local and Regional Procurement and Distribution: A Multi-Country Analysis, Teevrat Garg, Christopher B. Barrett, Miguel I. Gomez, Erin C. Lentz, and William J. Violette

Tradeoffs or Synergies? Assessing Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement through Case Studies in Burkina Faso and Guatemala, Aurelie P. Harou, Joanna B. Upton, Erin C. Lentz, Christopher B. Barrett, and Miguel I. Gomez

The Economics and Nutritional Impacts of Food Assistance Policies and Programs, Erin C. Lentz and Christopher B. Barrett

On The Choice and Impacts of Innovative International Food Assistance Instruments, Erin C. Lentz, Christopher B. Barrett, Miguel I. Gomez, and Daniel G. Maxwell

The Timeliness and Cost-Effectiveness of the Local and Regional Procurement of Food Aid, Erin C. Lentz, Simone Passarelli, and Christopher B. Barrett

Cosmologies and Regionalisms from "Above' and "Below' in the Post-Cold War Americas: the Relevance of Karl Polanyi for the 21st Century, Alejandra Roncallo

Recipients' Satisfaction with Locally Procured Food Aid Rations: Comparative Evidence from a Three Country Matched Survey, William J. Violette, Aurelie P. Harou, Joanna B. Upton, Samuel D. Bell, Christopher B. Barrett, Miguel I. Gomez, and Erin C. Lentz

Submissions from 2011

Genisses, exiles and (liberal) postmodern subjectivities, Rosemary E. Shinko

China-India Relations in the 21st Century: A Critical Inquiry, Zhiqun Zhu

Submissions from 2010

Sovereignty as a Problematic Conceptual Core, Rosemary E. Shinko