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There exists some discrepancy considering the overall health and well-being of young women in sports and performance domains. The current study aimed to examine self-reported levels of perfectionism, body esteem, and social support among college women participating in organized sports and dance. A total of 103 participants completeda series of questionnaires intended to capture these major variables of interest. Results upheld one of three major hypotheses, specifically in regards to between-group differences for lean and non-lean sport athletes. One of the most important findings wasthat among lean sport participants the relationship between body esteem and social support was statistically significant and positive, and among non-lean sport participants this same relationship was nonsignificant and negative. The applied implication of thisfinal finding is discussed, with particular emphasis on potential strategies for upholding the positive relationship between body esteem and social support among lean sport athletes.


Personality, Athlete, Dancer, Social Support, Perfectionism, Body Esteem

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Honors Thesis (Bucknell Access Only)



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John Ptacek