Date of Thesis

Spring 2023



Past projects involving musical software have been completely virtual, while these software do well in entertainment and education, there is the question of whether these software are playable to the same extent as physical musical instruments. The software presented in this paper, "AR Jam", utilizes various software and hardware tools to form a networked mixed reality system for the users to play music on. The intention of this project is to seek new ways to explore more playable musical instruments in the digital world. The paper presents the software's implementation, challenges such as optimization problems of the synthesizer, and the proposal of new ways to improve various aspects of this system in the future.


Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Musical Instruments, Modular Synthesizer, Network, Music Software

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts


Computer Science

Second Major


First Advisor

Xiannong Meng

Second Advisor

Paul Botelho