Date of Thesis

Spring 2022


In tune with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal and the widespread acceptance of education as a fundamental human right, the deprivation of female education in Pakistan presents an alarming assault on its female population. With this, the historical accident that was the separation of Pakistan and Bangladesh serves as a natural experiment into differences between the countries before and after partition. Despite facing two colonizations, Bangladesh has emerged on the other side of history with promising results regarding the elimination of gender disparities in education. How has it managed to do so? And what can Pakistan learn from its journey? To answer these questions, this study examines Pakistan and Bangladesh through historical narrative, starting from pre-colonial times through to the present, along with a difference-in-difference approach to establish Bangladesh's authority in educational attainment.


Pakistan, Bangladesh, Female Education, Colonization, Difference-in-Difference, Historical Narrative

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts



Second Major


Minor, Emphasis, or Concentration


First Advisor

Jan Knoedler

Second Advisor

Shahram Azhar

Third Advisor

Amy Wolaver


In the hope for a better Pakistan