Date of Thesis

Spring 2022



My Bucknell Honors Thesis submission for the Film and Media Studies department consists of two different parts. The first part is a 5-minute short film, titled “the bachelor machine” that I created through a year-long process of pre-production (idea generation), production (the film shoot itself), and post-production (editing, sound design, color grading). The second part of my Honors Thesis submission is an Artist’s Statement that explains the processes by which I created the film, outlining each aforementioned step in the production process. I also examine the avenues by which I was inspired to create this product, through my previous experiences in Bucknell courses as well as other pieces of media, those themes subsequently surfacing in my final product. Ultimately, this Honors Thesis is a reflection of both film production and film theory and criticism as taught in the Film and Media Studies department at Bucknell.


Film, media, studies, short, film, virtual-reality

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts



Minor, Emphasis, or Concentration

Film and Media Studies

First Advisor

Ken Eisenstein

Second Advisor

Eric Faden