Date of Thesis

Spring 2022



In this thesis, I explore the art of graffiti through its culture and process as it thrives in London, England. I utilize footage of London as well as my own filmed performance art in order to reveal themes related to memory and remembrance that are expressed through both the creation and removal of graffiti. I seek to explain its existence and importance as it pertains to societal structures and placemaking. I delve into the topic of personal and spatial identity in relation to graffiti. This thesis works to investigate the controversies surrounding graffiti that act as catalysts for its creation and prevalence. I discuss my filmmaking process to explain my motivations and intentions for my film, and to expand on certain aspects of the footage and the editing.


Film, Graffiti, London, Documentary

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts



Minor, Emphasis, or Concentration

Women's and Gender Studies

First Advisor

Ken Eisenstein

Second Advisor

Rebecca Meyers