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Date of Thesis

Spring 2021


The thesis examines the representation through film of the ways social systems in Western and Eastern societies impact female adolescents’ growth. My study focuses on the transition from childhood to adolescence, from a relatively "naive" state to a reflective state of mind, filled with uncertainty about oneself and the future. In this process, there are emotions of confusion, insecurity, struggle, anxiety, and intergenerational conflicts. Some crucial factors such as friendships, family relationships, and societal pressures are influential in adolescents' formation of their personalities. This transformational process is universal across all cultures, as every adolescent experiences the transition from youth to adulthood. However, different cultures have different educational concepts and place different expectations on adolescents, bearing upon the individual's experience of this transition. This study consists of a comparative analysis of four films, focusing on the differences in views on education, teen psychology, and child-rearing practices in China and the United States.


adolescent, culture, female, transition, school, parenting

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts



Second Major


First Advisor

Ramona Fruja

Second Advisor

Bastian Heinsohn