Date of Thesis

Spring 2020


The following work is a feature-length, speculative screenplay entitled Straight on Till Morning. The story focuses on Gia Bloom, a girl whose life we follow from birth into early adulthood. Within the elapsed time, we learn of her lifelong friendship with the calm and nature- loving, Sadie. As children, they spend countless hours in the outdoors, immersed in imaginative games. The girls' love for the natural world influences Sadie’s passion for writing and Gia’s art. However, as they grow and part ways for college, Gia finds herself spending more time studying amongst new friends and Sadie becomes distant. As Sadie pulls away from Gia, Gia is unaware of her friend’s weakened mental state. At college, Gia learns that Sadie has committed suicide. Lost and devastated by her friend’s sudden death, Gia reads Sadie’s poetry and reflects on the memories that constructed their youth and friendship. Gia realizes that after loss, we must move forward with the memory of our loved ones and not let it tether us to the past. The story touches on topics of childhood and speaks to the time in our lives where death and suicide are nonexistent knowledges. Straight on Till Morning illustrates the wonder of the natural world through the eyes of a child, the ways we reflect and construct memory, and the struggle with overcoming the loss of a loved one.


Screenplay, Screenwriting, Creative Writing, Film, Coming of Age

Access Type

Honors Thesis (Bucknell Access Only)

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Joe Scapellato

Second Advisor

Rebecca Meyers