Date of Thesis

Spring 2019



The project Within/Without is comprised of two films which appropriate images from different source materials in order to create new associations and meanings through juxtaposition of these images and through sound connections as well. The first film A Body Like Any Other uses clips from mid 20th century television commercials, instructional videos and cartoons as well as music performed by The Shirelles in order to examine human anatomy and media representation in new ways. The second film A Film Like Any Other taps the same source material in order to construct a narrative that examines the quotidian experiences of one central character. Though both films aim to achieve different ends, the unity that is arrived at through the combination of disparate elements speaks to capabilities of montage, that which film theorist Sergei Eisenstein described as ‘the nerve of cinema’ in the 1920’s.


creative, film, foundfootage, body, anatomy, montage

Access Type

Honors Thesis (Bucknell Access Only)

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Ken Eisenstein

Second Advisor

Philip Sewell


Special thanks to: K. Eisenstein, P. Sewell, K. Amponsah, J. Guzman, Y. Galvez, A. Gao, S. Oceguera, T. DiBartolo.