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The Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments (SAFE) is a project created to raise the level of abstraction in network simulation tools and thereby address issues that undermine credibility. SAFE incorporates best practices in network simulationto automate the experimental process and to guide users in the development of sound scientific studies using the popular ns-3 network simulator. My contributions to the SAFE project: the design of two XML-based languages called NEDL (ns-3 Experiment Description Language) and NSTL (ns-3 Script Templating Language), which facilitate the description of experiments and network simulationmodels, respectively. The languages provide a foundation for the construction of better interfaces between the user and the ns-3 simulator. They also provide input to a mechanism which automates the execution of network simulation experiments. Additionally,this thesis demonstrates that one can develop tools to generate ns-3 scripts in Python or C++ automatically from NSTL model descriptions.


network, simulation, xml, extensible markup language, nedl, nstl, ns-3, ns3, credibility, languages

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Honors Thesis


Computer Science

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Luiz Felipe Perrone