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A new liquid-fuel injector was designed for use in the atmospheric-pressure, model gas turbine combustor in Bucknell University’s Combustion Research Laboratory during alternative fuel testing. The current liquid-fuel injector requires a higher-than-desired pressure drop and volumetric flow rate to provide proper atomization of liquid fuels. An air-blast atomizer type of fuel injector was chosen and an experiment utilizing water as the working fluid was performed on a variable-geometry prototype. Visualization of the spray pattern was achieved through photography and the pressure drop was measured as a function of the required operating parameters. Experimental correlations were used to estimate droplet sizes over flow conditions similar to that which would be experienced in the actual combustor. The results of this experiment were used to select the desired geometric parameters for the proposed final injector design and a CAD model was generated. Eventually, the new injector will be fabricated and tested to provide final validation of the design prior to use in the combustion test apparatus.


combustion, atomization, injector, design, mechanical engineering, liquid fuel, alternative fuels

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Honors Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

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Chris Mordaunt