Date of Thesis

Spring 2012


Polyanhydrides have been given much attention in the literature recently because of their desirable properties as controlled drug delivery solutions. Drug therapies could be loaded into a polyanhydride matrix and protected from denaturation and removal from the body while being slowly eluted as the polyanhydride degraded yielding a tailorable concentration profile in the bloodstream at therapeutic levels.

To that end, this report discusses the synthesis of a novel monomer for polyanhydride synthesis: 1,1'-(hexane-1,6-diyl)bis(5-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylic acid) henceforth known as CPyH monomer for (carboxypyrrolidone)hexane monomer.

Access Type

Honors Thesis (Bucknell Access Only)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Brandon M. Vogel