Submissions from 2021


The Bucknell Civil Rights Project, Kaitlin Scagluso, Sam Lauer, Annie Girton, Lina Hinh, Samantha Stephens, Olivia Maikisch, Hallie Robin, Michaiah Augustine, Cymone Fourshey, Carmen R. Gillespie, Christian Howard-Sukhil, Diane K. Jakacki, and Michelle Lauver

Submissions from 2016


Antigua Sugar Mills, Carmen R. Gillespie, Cymone Fourshey, Diane Jakacki, Christian Howard-Sukhil, Michelle Lauver, Katherine Faull, Eddy Lopez, Agnes Meeker, Susan Lowes, The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbara Wankollie, Ifunanya Maduka, Kareen George, Tatiana Roman, Christine Cha, Amber Girton, Lina Hinh, Annie Girton, Sam Lauer, Sarah Rosecky, Nnamdi Eze, Khoi Le, Patrick Newhart, Khai Nguyen, and Alexander Murph