Submissions from 2019


Do Karst Springs Allow Us to See into Hidden Aquifers and Caves?, Ellen Herman

Submissions from 2018


Assessing Ground Penetrating Radar's Ability to Image Subsurface Characteristics of Icy Debris Fans in Alaska and New Zealand, Robert W. Jacob, Jeffrey M. Trop, and R. Craig Kochel


Geomorphology of icy debris fans: Delivery of ice and sediment to valley glaciers decoupled from icecaps, R. Craig Kochel, Jeffrey M. Trop, and Robert W. Jacob

Submissions from 2015

Provenance signature of changing plate boundary conditions along a convergent margin: Detrital Record of Spreading-Ridge and Flat-Slab Subduction Processes, Cenozoic Forearc Basins, Alaska, Emily S. Finzel, Kenneth D. Ridgway, and Jeffrey M. Trop


GEOPHYSICAL EXPLORATIONS ON AND NEAR THE ISMENION HILL, THEBES, GREECE, 2011, Robert W. Jacob, Stephanie Larson, Kevin Daly, and Emily Bitely


Ground-Penetrating Radar Velocity Determination and Precision Estimates Using Common-Mid-Point (CMP) Collection with Hand-Picking, Semblance Analysis, and Cross-Correlation Analysis: a Case Study and Tutorial for Archaeologists, Robert W. Jacob and T.M. Urban

Tectonic and Sedimentary Linkages between the Belt-Purcell Basin and Southwestern Laurentia during the Mesoproterozoic, ca. 1.60-1.40 Ga, James V. Jones III, Christopher G. Daniel, and Michael F. Doe

Origin of Brines, Salts and Carbonate from Shales of the Marcellus Formation: Evidence from Geochemical and Sr Isotope Study of Sequentially Extracted Fluids, Brian W. Stewart, Elizabeth C. Chapman, Rosemary C. Capo, Jason D. Johnson, Joseph R. Graney, Carl S. Kirby, and Karl T. Schroeder

Submissions from 2014


Significance of the Deformation History within the Hinge Zone of the Pennsylvania Salient, Appalachian Mountains, Mary Beth Gray, Peter B. Sak, and Zeshan Ismat

Three-Dimensional MicroCT Analysis of the Ediacara Fossil Pteridinium Simplex Sheds New Light on its Ecology and Phylogenetic Affinity, Mike Meyer, David Elliott, Andrew D. Wood, Nicholas F. Polys, Matthew Colbert, Jessica A. Maisano, Patricia Vickers-Rich, Michael Hall, Karl H. Hoffman, Gabi Schneider, and Shuhai Xiao

Significance of the Deformation History within the Hinge Zone of the Pennsylvania Salient, Appalachian Mountains, Peter B. Sak, Mary Beth Gray, and Zeshan Ismat

Paleoenvironment and Paleoecology of a Late Paleocene High-Latitude Terrestrial Succession, Arkose Ridge Formation at Box Canyon, Southern Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska, David Sunderlin, Jeffrey M. Trop, Bruce D. Idleman, Alexandria Brannick, Jaclyn G. White, and Lance Grande

A New Eurypterid Lagerstatte from the Upper Silurian of Pennsylvania, Matthew B. Vrazo, Jeffrey M. Trop, and Carlton E. Brett

Submissions from 2013

Detrital Zircon Evidence for Non-Laurentian Provenance, Mesoproterozoic (ca. 1490-1450 Ma) Deposition and Orogenesis in a Reconstructed Orogenic Belt, Northern New Mexico, USA: Defining the Picuris Orogeny, Christopher G. Daniel; Lily S. Pfeifer; James V. Jones, III; and Christopher M. McFarlane


Making the Case for the Picuris Orogeny: Evidence for a 1500 to 1400 Ma Orogenic Event in the Southwestern United States, Mary Beth Gray, Christopher G. Daniel, Christopher L. Andronicos, and James V. Jones III

Integrated Geophysical Investigation of the St. James Fault Complex: A Case Study, Robert W. Jacob, Jeremy B. Byler, and Mary Beth Gray

Use and Performance of In-Stream Structures for River Restoration: a Case Study from North Carolina, Jerry R. Miller and R. Craig Kochel

Submissions from 2012

Decompression during Late Proterozoic Al2SiO5 Triple-Point Metamorphism at Cerro Colorado, New Mexico, Katherine R. Barnhart, Pamela J. Walsh, Lincoln S. Hollister, Christopher G. Daniel, and Christopher L. Andronicos


Geochemical and Strontium Isotope Characterization of Produced Waters from Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Extraction, Elizabeth C. Chapman, Rosemary C. Capo, Brian W. Stewart, Carl S. Kirby, Richard W. Hammack, Karl T. Schroeder, and Harry M. Edenborn

Active processes, morphology, and dynamics of icy debris fans: Landform evolution along rapidly degrading escarpments in alpine regions undergoing recent deglaciation, R. Craig Kochel and Jeffrey M. Trop

Miocene basin development and volcanism along a strike-slip to flat-slab subduction transition: Stratigraphy, geochemistry, and geochronology of the central Wrangell volcanic belt, Yakutat-North America collision zone, Jeffrey M. Trop, William K. Hart, Darin Snyder, and Bruce Idleman