Submissions from 2021


Learning to Eat French, John Westbrook

Submissions from 2020

Poétique et politique du désir engagé : autour d'Abdellah Taïa = Poetics and politics of engaged desire : around Abdellah Taïa, Amine Zidouh and Ralph Heyndels

Submissions from 2019

Poétiques de la Liste et Imaginaire Sériel dans les Lettres (XXe et XXIe siècles), Nathalie Dupont and Éric Trudel

Submissions from 2017

Not So 'Common' Sense : Same Words, Different Grammar, Amine Zidouh

Submissions from 2015


From Anti-Theater to Anti-Theatricality, Logan Connors


Increasing Engagement in French and Francophone Studies: Structured Journaling on the Emotions in La Fayette's La princesse de Clèves, Logan Connors


The Theater's Many Enemies, Logan Connors

Submissions from 2014


Critique et création dans la critique dramatique du XVIIIe siècle: les poétiques à l'épreuve de la scène, Logan Connors


Le rêve d'autorité dans la dramaturgie française, 1660-1719, Logan Connors

National Values and Theatrical Values. The Battle of the Siege de Calais (1765), Logan Connors

The Power of Tragedy: An Eighteenth-Century Debate on Theater and its Relevance to Literature Pedagogy Today, Logan Connors

Who gets to dispute? Gender, nation and representation in two versions of Pierre de Belloy's Le Siège de Calais", Logan Connors

Three Strategies for Promoting Intellectual Engagement in Advanced Undergraduate Seminars, Logan Connors, Nathalie Dupont, and John Westbrook

'Le Siège de Calais' by Pierre-Laurent de Belloy, Logan J. Connors


Gastronomes in Short Pants: Educating the Nation's Taste in France, John Westbrook

Submissions from 2013


Les philosophes selon Charles Collé, Logan Connors

Submissions from 2012

Dramatic Battles in Eighteenth-Century France: philosophes, anti-philosophes and the polemical theatre, Logan Connors

'Initiators of Discursive Practices': Authorship, attribution, and intent in the debates between philosophes and anti-philosophes, Logan Connors

Submissions from 2011

L’esthétique du patriotisme dans la critique théâtrale à l’époque de la guerre de sept ans. Le cas du Siège de Calais (1765)., Logan Connors

Text(s) and Performance in Charles Palissot’s Les Philosophes (1760), Logan Connors