Spirit of Sin

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Winter 11-6-2016

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Darling Hiss is a musical project spearheaded by Brianna Healey Derr. Brianna began writing the songs for the record two winters ago in the attic of her apartment. The result of her two year endeavor ended with a 10 track album, Spirit of Sin, originally entitled Warrior. The album reflects on themes of identity, death, spirituality, control, and perseverance. Other musical projects Brianna has been involved in are Snakes are Strong, a punk pop band and The Dark Country focusing more on an aggressive blues approach and known for "dressing up" during their performances. Brianna's album is available on CD and a digital download through BandCamp. The album was produced by Brianna Healey Derr and Bruce W. Derr and mixed and mastered by Bruce W. Derr. Other featured musicians are Steve Gibson, bass, Bruce W. Derr, guitar, drums, and percussion, and Shawn Grafius, lead guitar.