System and method for scheduling multiple modes of transport with incomplete information

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Systems and methods for scheduling early riders (ERs) and late riders (LRs) to vehicles in a multi-modal transportation network (MTN). Stored instructions, when executed, cause a processor to perform acts of forecasting a finite set of scenarios, each scenario having a possible set of forecast LRs (FLRs) itinerary requests. Iteratively, generate ER groups and FLR groups for each scenario, based on a desired time of arrival at a destination. Assign a commuter vehicle (CV) for each ER and FLR group in each scenario. Iteratively, determine for each ER and FLR group a start time and an arrival time at the destination in the corresponding CV,
for which , the ER and FLR group are assigned. The iterations continue until a joint schedule for the ERs and the FLRs form each scenario that minimizes an objective function. Formulate assignment information, and transmit the assignment information to the ERs and the assigned CVs.

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