A microscopic study on the corrosion fatigue of ultra-fine grained and conventional Al–Mg alloy

Mala M. Sharma, Bucknell University
Josh D. Tomedi, Bucknell University
Jeffery M. Parks, Westinghouse Electric Company


The corrosion behavior of a nanocrystalline (NC)/ultrafine grained (UFG) Al–Mg based alloy was investigated and compared to its conventional counterpart 5083(H111). The corrosion fatigue (CF) was studied with respect to pit initiation, pit location and crack propagation as a function of environment. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with EDS was used to analyze the fracture surface of the failed specimen with respect to pitting characteristics, crack propagation and corrosion product. Load vs. cycles to failure was measured and S/N curves were generated for the UFG Al–Mg based alloy and the conventional counterpart 5083 in air and seawater.