Building Community at Work: an Exploratory Study in Healthcare System Management

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Recent scholarship has demonstrated that experiences in the community (i.e., a sense of community [SOC] and a SOC responsibility) can enhance employee psychological and behavioral outcomes. Recent evidence also shows that the experiences of the community are better able to predict employee outcomes compared to long‐ regarded management and public management constructs. However, very little empirical evidence exists on antecedent conditions that help build community experiences at work. To evaluate this gap, we conducted interviews with executive leaders, and focus groups with administrative leaders, across four major facilities in a large nonprofit healthcare system that is headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States. The study confirmed the propositions of the Community Experience Model, and explored organizational conditions that appear to build community experiences. The findings help frame factors that scholars can empirically test in future studies, and assist executives, human resource professionals, and managers throughout an organization, in building community at work.


Journal of Community Psychology


Management, College of



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