Introduction to understandings of place: a multidisciplinary symposium

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Place is central to Environmental Studies and Sciences. As a colloquial concept, it informs and structures the ways we teach, undertake research, and communicate about environmental problems. Place is often used to bring meaning to observations of change in impersonal analytical categories, where it proves to be essential and at times imprecise. Our goal with this symposium, and the conference panels and lecture series that generated it, has been to explore and clarify how place can be a useful descriptive and analytical concept for Environmental Studies and Sciences. Place, and our strategy for examining it, align with the experiences of those us working in Environmental Studies and Sciences who share “a common experience that broad advances in environmental knowledge usually require disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches together with humility about what we know and don’t know as individuals and as disciplines” (Rosenbaum 2011: 1). -- introduction


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The introduction to the special issue includes a discussion of the lecture series "Understanding Place" hosted by Bucknell University and held during the 2013 Fall semester. A promotional flyer and notice about the lecture series are available.

Bucknell faculty published eight articles in the special issue which were drawn from the lecture series:

Place and exclusion in New York City’s Jamaica Bay

Kristen Van Hooreweghe

Nostalgia as a catalyst for conservation in the Carolina Lowcountry

Angela Halfacre

Cold places: movement, knowledge, and time

Andrew Stuhl

Hot and dry: stability and simplicity in dormancy and austerity

Kristal Jones

Mobilizing place: Examining mobility, identity, and boundary in the politics of Asian carp

Rachel Brummel

A millennium-long management perspective for promoting the geological-social resiliency of barrier islands: a preliminary proposal for Fire Island, NY

Paul Pinet

Fixing food with ideas of “local” and “place”

Clare Hinrichs

Place: natural

Duane Griffin