Publication Date

Summer 7-28-2022


Association for Theatre in Higher Education 2022 Conference: Rehearsing the Possible: Practicing Reparative Creativity


In the past several years and especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, recruiting and retaining students has become more challenging than ever before. Even before the pandemic, there has been an increased pressure for colleges and universities to be able to demonstrate tangible educational benefits. This has been especially valid for liberal arts institutions and theatre programs since they are considered to be “less practical and useful.” Often students and their parents focus more on securing jobs rather than exploring interests and passions and seem unable to see the connection between theatre education and other careers.

The panel of presenters brings different perspectives and experiences with employing successful recruitment and retention strategies and practices related to: internal recruitment and finding creative ways to involve students in productions and theatre departments more viable on campus; external recruitment strategies through enhanced digital communication and practical work experiences offered to potential students; collaboration with institutional research offices to demonstrate tangible outcomes to parents and students; and ways to create a sense of belonging and ownership to improve retention.