Publication Date

Summer 6-30-2020


Association for Institutional Research (AIR)


While the idea of predicting student success and student retention is not new, our approach is slightly different. This presentation shares how to aggregate multiple pieces of information to create a holistic picture of first-year retention and student success. We illustrate four stages of this process, which include Aggregation, Inquiry, Results, and Action. Two tools for generating actionable information are demonstrated. The Dashboard of Student Retention includes interactive calculations of retention rates and attrition rates for the last six years. Clearinghouse data are included to show where our students transferred. The Dashboard of Identified At-Risk Students is a tool that provides faculty/staff a searchable list of students who might need some help based on students' demographic information and scores from multiple projects that aimed to improve first-year experiences.




The presenters are in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning