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Spring 5-8-2024


We current ENST 411 students, Abbey Jacoby, Michael Hardyway, Ethan Harm, and Casey Stephenson have chosen to work with Jim Knight, East Buffalo Township, the Merrill Linn Land and Waterways Conservancy, and many others in an attempt to revitalize Turtle Creek Park for a plethora of reasons. Three of us are majoring in biology, and two are majoring in environmental science, which makes much of the information and techniques relevant in Turtle Creek applicable to our courses of study. This project included heavy hands on work which allowed us students to leave a memorable and impactful influence on the Lewisburg community. Post-graduation, the Turtle Creek Project will provide a continued source of outdoor recreation and conservation for local species regardless of our presence on campus. In addition, several of us will be pursuing environmental studies and sciences careers after graduation, where we will use our skills and knowledge obtained from the Turtle Creek Park experience. Overall, the park revitalization project provided an opportunity to connect with the local natural ecosystem in ways we have not experienced before, and also allowed each of us to build unique connections to figures important in the field of conservation and environmental studies here in Pennsylvania.


boardwalks, puncheons, park, creek, drainage, mud, wetlands, boardwalk, puncheon


(2024 Hardyway, Harm, Jacoby, Stephenson)

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