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We worked in partnership with the Lower Anthracite Transit System (LATS) to develop a proposed bus route in the town of Sunbury, PA, expanding their system to include more of Northumberland County. This bus route is predicated upon community-based feedback through surveys, where we designed and implemented a survey analyzing general transportation desires and interest in the route. We collected 207 total responses, where community feedback in these responses informed decisions about stop locations along the route. Survey responses are hugely beneficial for LATS, allowing them to understand what aspects of their transportation services work well and what can be improved further. This can help with future cases for funding and state approvals. We also created a webpage for the organization, to increase online presence and accessibility. This included maps that we were able to develop of the existing routes that are now available through the website to view, download, and print. Altogether, our work presents a practical and efficient solution to address transportation needs within the town of Sunbury. Continued collaboration between LATS and community members, even after our work on this project is complete, is critical in finalizing a fixed-route bus service that meets the diverse needs of the populations of Mount Carmel, Shamokin, and Sunbury. By carefully considering factors such as passenger demand and route feasibility, LATS can create a system that enhances accessibility, reduces traffic congestion, and promotes sustainability.


Sustainable transportation, transportation in Sunbury, LATS, fixed-route bus services

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