Publication Date

Spring 5-8-2024


Our group worked alongside community partners Shaunna Barnhart and Jim Dunn during the Spring 2024 semester to assist with their annual event Fireflies at RPA Natural Area. RPA Natural Area is a local park in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania that was recently acquired by Southside Recreational Authority. Since taking over the park, the organization has begun hosting an event each July to educate the general public about firefly biology and conservation by showing a film and guiding attendees through a firefly tour through the park. Our goals for this project included creating physical educational materials to be used at the park year-round, creating a promotional campaign to bring awareness to the public about both the park and Fireflies at RPA Natural Area, and preparing the event to be scaled up from 50 to roughly 100 attendees. Over the semester, we have created, distributed, and analyzed results from a community survey aiming to better understand current public knowledge on fireflies, produced trail signage and brochures to be printed and used at the park, and designed social media posts and event invitations.


RPANA, Sylvan Dell, Southside Recreation Authority, South Williamsport, Robert Porter Allen Natural Area, Firefly Event, Fireflies at RPA Natural Area


©2024 Olivia Bush, Sydney Shea, Sofia Gordon, and Nick Wiebke

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Amanda Wooden

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Sylvan Dell Field Station