Publication Date

Spring 2023


During the Spring 2023 semester, we worked as a group with East Buffalo Township supervisors to develop plans for newly-acquired Turtle Creek Park. Specifically, our project centered on facilitating community engagement with Phase One of the restoration plan and helping the Supervisors lay a foundation for future phases of the park's revitalization. Our report details our work on mapping the park's trail system, identifying and mapping areas of poor drainage, and creating a series of interpretive signs for public education about the park, its natural history, and its ecology.


Turtle Creek Park, restoration; GIS, environmental education, outdoor recreation, East Buffalo Township, trail maintenance, conservation


copyright 2023 Auden Block, Juliette Chandler, Bethany Fitch, Haley Dickinson, and Will Earley

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Prof. Andrew Stuhl


Environmental Studies


East Buffalo Township, Lewisburg, PA