Journal Submissions from 2018


Demand, Values and Prices in Marx: Contrasting Simultaneous and Temporal Approaches, David Kristjanson-Gural

Journal Submissions from 2017

(Re)thinking Like an Economist: pluralism, critical thinking and economic pedagogy, David Kristjanson-Gural

Journal Submissions from 2016

The Use and Impact of Job Search Procedures by Migrant Workers in China, Tony Fang, Morley Gunderson, and Carl Lin

Unconventional Gas and Oil Development in the United States: Economics Experience and Policy Issues, Timothy W. Kelsey, Mark D. Partridge, and Nancy E. White

The Effect of Youth Poverty Rates and Migration on Adult Wages, Thomas A. Knapp and Nancy E. White

The Effects of the Minimum Wage on Earnings Inequality: Evidence from China, Carl Lin and Myeong-Su Yun

Journal Submissions from 2015

Capital Accumulation, Profitability, and Crisis: Neoliberalism in the United States, Erdogan Bakir

Is Over-investment the Cause of the Post-2007 US Economic Crisis?, Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell

Towards an Understanding of Crisis Episodes in Latin America: a Post-Keynesian Approach, Esteban Perez Caldentey and Matias Vernengo

Goal Setting and Monetary Incentives: When Large Stakes Are Not Enough, Brice Corgnet, Joaquin Gomez-Minambres, and Roberto Hernan-Gonzalez

Minimum Wages and Employment in China, Tony Fang and Carl Lin

Temptation, Horizontal Differentiation and Monopoly Pricing, Joaquin Gomez-Minambres

Devaluation as a Policy Instrument for Caricom Countries, Winston H. Griffith

How Do Immigrants from Taiwan Fare in the U.S. Labor Market?, Carl Lin


The Impacts of Minimum Wage Policy in China: Mixed results for women, youth and migrants, Shi Li and Carl Lin

Reconsidering Regime Type and Growth: Lies, Dictatorships, and Statistics, Christopher S. Magee and John A. Doces


Kicking Away the Ladder Too: Central Banks in Historical Perspective, Matias Vernango

From Restrained Golden Age to Creeping Platinum Age: A Periodization of Latin American Development in the Robinsonian Tradition = Da Idade do Ouro a Era Platinum Rastejante: Uma Periodização do Desenvolvimento Latino Americano na Tradição Robinsoniana, Matias Vernengo

Journal Submissions from 2014

A Natural Gas Severance Tax-An Economic Analysis, Thomas C. Kinnaman

Determining the Socially Optimal Recycling Rate, Thomas C. Kinnaman

The Socially Optimal Recycling Rate: Evidence from Japan, Thomas C. Kinnaman, Takayoshi Shinkuma, and Masashi Yamamoto

Social Entrepreneurship, Microfinance, and Economic Development in Africa, Berhanu Nega and Geoffrey Schneider

China Urban Competitiveness in Industrialization: Based on the Panel Data of 25 Cities in China from 1990 to 2009, Pengfei Ni, Peter Karl Kresl, and Xiaojiang Li

What Ended the Great Depression? Re-Evaluating the Role of Fiscal Policy, Nathan Perry and Matias Vernengo

Everything Must Change so that the IMF Can Remain the Same: The World Economic Outlook and the Global Financial Stability Report, Matias Vernengo and Kirsten Ford