The Campus Theatre During World War II

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Summer 2018



The Campus Theatre During World War II is a digital film and media studies resource which uses the historic Campus Theatre located in Lewisburg, PA as a case study for the influence that the Hollywood studio system of the 1940s had on small independent cinemas in the United States during this time period. By digitizing and visualizing the programming schedule of the Campus Theatre’s first five years of operation (1941-1946), certain trends which reflect an oligopolistic structure that dominated all modes of film production, distribution and exhibition during this era become apparent. This project aims to reveal more about the history of Hollywood, American culture and the Campus Theatre during these five years.


digital scholarship, local history, Campus Theatre, Lewisburg, World War II, 1940s, Scalar book, Tableau, TimelineJS


Final project for the 2018 Digital Scholarship Summer Research Fellows Program at Bertrand Library, Bucknell University.


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