Not every academic conference appeals to students, faculty, librarians, instructional technologists and administrators alike. But Bucknell’s Digital Scholarship Conference bridges those gaps — and crosses interdisciplinary lines — to foster a conversation about how to use ever-changing technologies to enrich scholarship and enhance learning. Through presentations, workshops, keynote addresses and conversations, the conference allows opportunities to reflect upon how digital scholarship has evolved over the past decades and where it may head in the future.

Past conferences are archived in this repository to provide access to and evidence of the the range of expertise and collaboration needed to create and sustain digital scholarship efforts. Viewers of these collections will note that our presenters cross disciplines, divisions, and institutions. This feature of #BUDSC ensures attendees are exposed to broad perspectives, unique approaches, and creative uses of technology.

Browse the contents of Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference:

Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Evolution of Digital Scholarship
Negotiating Borders through Digital Collaboration
Collaborating Digitally: Engaging Students in Public Scholarship
Collaborating Digitally: Engaging Students in Faculty Research