Submissions from 2014

Application of Discrete Fourier Inter-Coefficient Difference for Assessing Genetic Sequence Similarity, Brian R. King, Maurice F. Aburdene, Alex Thompson, and Zach Warres


Perspectives on Languages for Specifying Simulation Experiments, Luiz Felipe Perrone, Johannes Schützel, Danhua Peng, and Adelinde Urhmacher


Data Visualization for Network Simulations, Luiz Felipe Perrone, Greg L. Shrock, and Christopher S. Main

Submissions from 2013


The Design of an Output Data Collection Framework for ns-3, Luiz Felipe Perrone, Thomas R. Henderson, Mitchell J. Watrous, and Vinícius D. Felizardo

Submissions from 2012


SAFE: Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments, Luiz Felipe Perrone, Bryan C. Ward, and Christopher S. Main

Submissions from 2006

Hands-on projects in wireless and mobile computer network courses, X Meng, L F. Perrone, and Maurice F. Aburdene