Submissions from 2023


Work in Progress: Implementing a Tiger Team in a Capstone Design Course, Alan Cheville, Stewart Thomas, and Stu Thompson

Submissions from 2020


Deep Bayes Factor Scoring for Authorship Verification, Benedikt Boenninghoff, Julian Rupp, Robert M. Nickel, and Dorothea Kolossa

Submissions from 2018

Tensions Between Industry and Academia: Policy Making and Curriculum Development, Alan Cheville

Submissions from 2016

Lessons Learned from Implementing Application-Oriented Hands-On Activities for Continuous-Time Signal Processing Courses, Mario Simoni and Maurice F. Aburdene

Submissions from 2015

Hidden Constraints in the Design of Liberal Studies in Engineering, Alan Cheville

Passive Acoustic Mapping Utilizing Optimal Beamforming in Ultrasound Therapy Monitoring, Christian Coviello, Richard J. Kozick, James Choi, Miklos Gyoengy, Carl Jensen, Penny Probert Smith, and Constantin C. Coussios


Two-Band Fast Hartley Transform, A. N. Skodras, Maurice F. Aburdene, and A. K. Nandi

Submissions from 2014

Vertical Integration of Biometrics Across the Curriculum: Case Study of Speaker, Face and Iris Recognition, Ravi P. Ramachandran, Kevin D. Dahm, Robert Nickel, Richard J. Kozick, Sachin S. Shetty, Liang Hong, Steven H. Chin, Robi Polikar, and Ying Tang


The FINS Framework: An Open Source Userspace Networking Subsystem for Linux, Michael S. Thompson, Abdallah S. Abdallah, Jonathan M. Reed, Allen B. MacKenzie, and Luiz A. DaSilva

Submissions from 2013

Corpus-Based Speech Enhancement With Uncertainty Modeling and Cepstral Smoothing, Robert Nickel, Ramon Fernandez Astudillo, Dorothea Kolossa, and Rainer Martin

Effect of Pulse Depletion in a Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Analysis System, Luc Thevenaz, Stella Foaleng Mafang, and Jie Lin

Submissions from 2012

Thin-Film Sparse Boundary Array Design for Passive Acoustic Mapping During Ultrasound Therapy, Christian M. Coviello, Richard J. Kozick, Andrew Hurrell, Penny Probert Smith, and Constantin C. Coussios


Modernizing the Microcontroller Laboratory with Low-Cost and Open-Source Tools, Kenneth J. Hass and Juliana Su

Increasing Utilization of US Electric Grids via Smart Technologies: Integration of Load Management, Real Time Pricing, Renewables, EVs and Smart Grid Sensors, Peter Jansson

A Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Competition: A Retrospective Look at the MANIAC Challenge, Michael S. Thompson, Allen B. MacKenzie, Luiz A. DaSilva, and George Hadjichristofi

Submissions from 2011

Satellite Communications, Data Communications, and Simulation, Maurice Aburdene and Kundan Nepal

Wow! Linear systems and signal processing is fun!, Maurice Aburdene and Kundan Nepal

Submissions from 2010

Secure Private Fragile Watermarking Scheme with Improved Tampering Localisation Accuracy, S. Bravo, Lu Gan, A. K. Nandi, and Maurice Aburdene


Synthesizing Optimal Fixed-point Arithmetic for Embedded Signal Processing, Kenneth J. Hass

Speech Enhancement With Inventory Style Speech Resynthesis, Xiaoqiang Xiao and Robert Nickel

Submissions from 2009

A recursive matrix approach to spectral transformations for digital filters, Maurice F. Aburdene and T. J. Goodman

Submissions from 2008

Fragile Logo Watermarking for Public Authentication, S. Bravo, Lu Gan, A.K. Nandi, and Maurice Aburdene

Fragile logo watermarking for public authentication, S. Bravo, Lu Gan, A.K. Nandi, and Maurice F. Aburdene

Pascal Filters, T.J. Goodman and Maurice F. Aburdene

Submissions from 2007

On the Pascal Transform and Threshold Selection, T.J. Goodman and Maurice Aburdene