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Art and Art History 204: Castle, Cathedral, and Cloister

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Spring 2018


In Spring of 2018, students in ARTH 204: Castle, Cathedral, and Cloister, taught by Prof. Janice Mann, conducted research on four churches in Mount Carmel, PA: Divine Redeemer Catholic Church, First United Methodist Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Michael's Orthodox Church. Each brochure showcases the church's history, exterior architecture, and interior architecture and design.

This entry is for the Saint Michael's Orthodox Church brochure. The brochure, which is a 4 panel double gate fold design, includes the church foundation history, exterior architecture explanation including the onion domes, and interior design and architecture details including a description of the iconostasis and the Saint Michael stained glass window.

Funding for printed brochures, which were provided to the churches for distribution, came from the Art and Art History Department at Bucknell University.


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Mount Carmel, PA

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