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MORS 400 - Consulting for Sustainability

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The Mount Carmel Area Community Center is a new initiative in Mount Carmel, PA to create a new community space to support community connections and development. In this report, a student consultant team reviews and provides recommends on the following points:

● Summarize the MCACC’s current organizational structure and established mission, vision, and goals

● Provide a comprehensive breakdown of the current Board structure, fundraising, and programming activities/strategies

● Address organizational gaps or limitations that have prevented the MCACC Board of Directors from moving forward in their current plans in the three identified areas of board structure, fundraising, and programming

● Create a new timeline for the project that takes into account the data gathered and presented throughout this document

● Propose a set of recommendations to the MCACC Board to aid in their ability to generate progress toward their established end goal

Students produced this report as part of the course Managing for Sustainability (MORS 400), a senior capstone course in Management taught by Prof. Neil Boyd.

Also attached here are the powerpoint slides that accompany the final report.

This is the third report in a series investigating the development of the Mount Carmel Area Community Center. The second report, "Mount Carmel Area Community Center: Plan of Action," can be accessed at:


Managing for Sustainability

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Brice et al 2022 - Mount Carmel Area Community Center - slides.pdf (487 kB)
Powerpoint Slides of Key Findings and Recommendations