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Geography 326 (GEOG 326) - Thinking Space and GEOG 204 - Applied Geography

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This research investigates the potential economic opportunity that is provided to the Shamokin area because of the creation of Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (A.O.A.A.). Using spatial analysis, we illustrate travel to the area, commercial mapping and potential accommodation mapping. The exponential growth of A.O.A.A. that has been seen so far illustrates the necessity to rethink commercial zoning in the future, and although there are plans for hotels and future investors, we argue to maximize economic and social benefit to the Northumberland county area, it is necessary to address those challenges and create short-term solutions to bring as much economic prosperity as possible.

The research addresses four core goals:

1. Better understand the A.O.A.A. and how it relates to the surrounding area

2. Visually depict where people are traveling from and how they’re getting to the A.O.A.A. during different times of year

3. Research possible solutions to A.O.A.A. obstacles including: understanding visitor transportation routes, parking alternatives, overnight accommodations, better integration between visitors, Shamokin residents, and the A.O.A.A. and visually depict the expansion of the commercial zone of Shamokin.

4. Create maps and a proposal that A.O.A.A. can share with potential investors and people interested in a summary of this information.

This report is the result of a student group project for Geography 326 Thinking Space taught by Prof. Vanessa Massaro. The GIS component of the project was part of work for Geography 204 Applied Geography taught by Prof. Duane Griffin.



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Shamokin, PA


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