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Geography 326 (GEOG 326) - Thinking Space and GEOG 204 - Applied Geography

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Spring 5-2017


The thesis of the project is that the region of Mount Carmel, PA, could better benefit from the influx of tourists that comes in daily for Centralia if there is a structural architecture to present and preserve the cultural heritage of Centralia and the immediate region. The impact of this initiative relies upon the relationship that the surrounding communities of the lower Anthracite coal region have with each other in their interconnected histories. The goal of this report is to assess the feasibility of revitalizing the anthracite coal region by preserving the cultural heritage of Centralia as a protected state park. This report provides the groundwork for a three-fold impact:

1) Providing the potential framework to help capture and promote the influx of tourism into the region in a respectful and proactive way that highlights Centralia’s rich history.

2) Preserve and celebrate the historical culture of the Anthracite coal region and communities surrounding Centralia.

3) Encourage economic growth through touristic markets and support services

This report is the result of a student group project for Geography 326 Thinking Space taught by Prof. Vanessa Massaro. The GIS component of the project was part of work for Geography 204 Applied Geography taught by Prof. Duane Griffin.



Field Station

Coal Region Field Station


Mount Carmel, PA; Centralia, PA


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