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Environmental Studies 411 (ENST 411): Environmental Community Projects

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Spring 2017


This entry includes two documents: a project report and a Community Garden Guide.

The project report provides an overview of the benefits of community gardens, with a specific analysis of how such a community endeavor could benefit the town of Mount Carmel. This includes a review of key stakeholders, identified goals, and an analysis of a community interest survey.

In addition, a separate Community Garden Guide compiles valuable and pertinent information that will be needed when creating a community garden. There are many templates and tools in this booklet to help guide community work. From community needs like the social and economic benefits of community gardening to technical skills like building raised beds and seed planting, this booklet provides a summary of key considerations and techniques for establishing new community garden projects. The Community Garden Guide is available for download under "Additional Files" at the end of this entry.

This project was completed for Environmental Studies 411 (ENST 411), a senior capstone course taught by Prof. Amanda Wooden.

In Spring 2019, students in ENST 411 conducted a follow-up study to develop more community involvement. That report is available here.


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ENST 411 GARDEN GUIDE - Spring 2017.pdf (1157 kB)
Community Garden Guide Booklet