Producing Video with Mobile Devices

Publication Date

Fall 9-8-2016


Learn to design, facilitate, scaffold, and evaluate student video production projects as part of a non-media production course. Screen student-produced work and hear about the process that went into its creation, then work in groups to storyboard, shoot and edit meaningful and fun 1-minute videos. You’ll walk away with a plan for how you might implement student-produced video in a course or workshop, as well as a video project toolkit.

This is a workshop for faculty and co-curricular staff that introduce the basics of using mobile devices to produce technologically simple but pedagogically complex videos. Presenters will need an instructor projector and device (smartphone, tablet), 1 app-enabled mobile device per participant (smartphones, tablets, ideally iPads for the iMovie app), and sample videos. An AppleTV for easily presenting participant videos created during the workshop and mobile tripods are optional but useful. This workshop is meant to be presented as a lecture, followed by activity, with a screening and discussion at the end.