Introduction to Omeka in 8 Parts

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This 2.5 hour workshop for faculty provides a hands-on introduction to Omeka for beginners. The session covers setting up a site on Omeka.net; adding items, creating metadata; organizing collections, creating exhibits; customizing the look and feel; and provides an introduction to advanced features such as Neatline.


Instructor Script (start here) (google doc)

Sample workshops images (google drive folder)

Omeka in 8 Parts Presentation Slides (google presentation doc)

Omeka CSV Bulk Import Template (google spreadsheet)

Omeka CSC Bulk Import Template (csv file)

Resources, tutorials, sample sites etc.

Image Credits and Locations (csv file)

Dublin Core Metadata Examples from Reed College

Omeka Quick-Start Guide (from http://miriamposner.com/blog/up-and-running-with-omeka-net/ )

Goals of the Workshop:

Develop Skills

  • know when Omeka is a good tool … and when it is NOT a good tool

  • understand how Omeka functions

    • on an organizational level

    • be familiar with key terms

  • have a sense of the background of Omeka - developed by whom, for whom, and why

  • experience working with sites on omeka.net

    • sign in

    • create a site

    • add items

    • describe items using metadata / understand fields

    • create collections

    • build exhibit

    • use simple pages

    • designing / customization of site [themes, etc]

  • experience working with sites on omeka.org

    • neatline!

  • awareness of plug-ins such as neatline and bulk csv upload

  • understanding of metadata + Dublin Core - what it is, how you use it, why it matters


  • set of examples (take home, to examine later)

  • set of examples (referenced in workshop, cross-disciplinary)