Biology 331: Genomics

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Spring 2017

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Professor Le Paliulis has produced a series of educational Genomics videos, in conjunction with the Genomics Education Partnership, that will be shared as learning tools not only in her classroom but distributed as resource tools across 130 colleges and universities teaching Genomics. The Genomics Education Partnership is sponsored by Washington University in Saint Louis with support from the National Science Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The aim of these videos is to enhance the quality of Genomics Instruction and expand the band of knowledge beyond Bucknell University. Another goal of these video creations is to have students articulate their knowledge of Genomics by creating their own set of videos to further add to the collective. It is common knowledge that hands-on creation and interactive study produce deeper engagement with the content which stimulates deeper insight into the content. Dr. Paliulis plans on incorporating assessment tools to articulate whether the learning objectives were achieved through the video creations. She plans on incorporating pre and post quizzes to effectively measure the results. To create such a video, Dr. Paliulis used Bucknell’s audio booth to record narrations and iShowU to screen capture her imagery. She partnered the audio and video in FCP X where she edited the metadata. One video consisted of an animation created in Motion and Dr. Paliulis plans to teach her students 2D and 3D animations using Motion in conjunction with the other technology tools mentioned. The 6 videos Dr. Paliulis created (The Genome Browser, Genes and Isoforms, RNA Seq and TopHat, Short Match, Splicing and Phase, and Tracks) are available for viewing through the Genomics Education Partnership website and will later be available through Bucknell’s Digital Commons site. For additional information, please visit CourseSource, Evidence-based teaching resources for undergraduate biology education. Summer 2016 & Spring 2017



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